Membership of the International Camel Organization

Membership in the International Camel Organization is available as (full membership) dedicated to countries, governmental organizations, non-governmental and non-profit organizations, federations, societies, national or national councils, parliaments, and individuals who are scientists, researchers, officials, professors, specialists, and those interested in camels from different countries of the world.

Learn about the benefits and conditions of membership of the International Organization of Camels

Obtaining a membership certificate
Participation in the General Assembly of the International Camel Organization
Participation in the various centers, committees and associations of the International Camel Organization
Documenting the membership on the International Camel Organization website and publishing all contact information for your organization
Solidarity with camels and strengthening their presence at the local, national and international levels
Partnership with scientists, specialists and those interested in camels
Participation in conferences, workshops, lectures and events organized by the various organization
Integration, exchange of experiences and acquaintance with the organization’s members from different countries of the world
Participate in the study and discussion of the challenges facing camels and provide appropriate solutions and initiatives
Developing international skills and getting acquainted with the available opportunities at various levels
Benefiting from your experience and experiences in supporting camels in the areas that need this

Complete the online membership form.
Electronic pledge to correct information and personal and international liability.
Submit all required documents in the membership form electronically.
Continuous communication with the organization and responding to all correspondence.
The approval of the General Secretariat for membership.

To communicate and inquire

mobile number

4991 - 1247 ( 1 ) 966+


Application form for membership of the International Camel Organization

تسجيل العضوية

تسجيل العضوية

صفة العضوية

A pledge and acknowledgment of responsibility

I pledge that all information contained in the membership form is correct, and that I assume full responsibility for the information contained in the form and in the supporting documents. In the event that the information is proven to be incorrect, the International Camel Organization has the right to cancel my membership from the organization’s website. I also pledge to serve the global camel culture movement and respect all the provisions of the regulations and the organization’s decisions and accept them unconditionally and on this pledge I sincerely and agree. I also acknowledge that the International Camel Organization is not responsible towards Whatever sayings, deeds, or practices issued by me are inconsistent with the principles and objectives of the organization, and the organization has the right to take the necessary legal measures in this regard.